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Key Features

  • Comment Module

    This plugin gives you the ability to share positive and negative feedback of your users with others. Customer reviews are of great importance in the decision-making of your visitors browsing your site.

  • Booking Module

    Booking This module enables people who want to receive service from a certain region to create a plan by determining the appropriate day and time. It is one of the preferred modules in many areas that work with an appointment system such as beauty salons, barbers, restaurants.

  • Facebook Login

    This module allows your users to log in without filling out the registration form at length, thanks to the "Log in with Facebook" option during login to the site.

  • Multimedia Uploads

    You can easily upload visual documents via files via the administration panel.

  • Forum Extension

    This module allows people to share their knowledge and experiences by creating titles within the framework of a certain topic on your e-commerce site.

  • Price History

    Thanks to this feature, it allows you to have historical price information by showing how the list prices have changed over the period.

  • Autocomplete Extension

    This plugin brings all the titles in front of you by typing the first three letters of the title you want to search in your virtual store.

  • Compaign Module

    It is a module that allows you to create special coupons for your users in your virtual store. With the campaign scenarios you will create different from each other, it will provide new opportunities for the sales item of your e-commerce site.

  • Doping Module

    This module allows your existing advertisements to come to the fore with various titles.

  • Cloudinary Module

    This plugin allows you to add a video about the product for those interested in your products/advertisements.

  • Google Streetview

    Thanks to this plugin, it allows you to present the location of your products or advertisements to your users on the street.

  • Backup Module

    Backup means copying your data to an alternate location for security purposes. Thus, it allows the data to be called again in case of possible deletion or crash.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a flexible and modular E-Commerce and Marketplace platform written with the latest and up-to-date codes.
With Ocify, you can create industry-specific e-commerce and marketplace sites. In addition, if you want to create a corporate site, we can easily install it on the same day through Ocify.
For prices, please review the prices section in the tabs above. You can pay monthly or yearly.
For Sms service, we have Kanyon and Netgsm integrations in our system. If you receive one of these services, you can send SMS to any region abroad, thanks to these programs.
Yes, the prices stated in our offer cover one year of free support.
First of all, the first year hosting and updates are free in almost all the packages you purchase. The SSL certificate is free for the first year. You do not need to pay for updates in the first year. The price of our support package, which includes hosting, ssl and updates for the second year, is sent to you by e-mail. We would like to inform you that we do not carry a profit motive over these prices, they are standard prices.