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Terms & Conditions

1. Parties

This Account Agreement Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Account Agreement”); Basaksehir 5th stage/ ISTANBUL"(hereinafter referred to as "Ocify") and its annexes, which are an integral part of this Account Agreement, in order to open an account on the www.ocify.co Portal and on the ocify.co Portal. It has been entered into force by being concluded electronically between the terms and conditions and the "Account Holder" who approves the rules.

2. Definitions

“Portal”: The website and/or mobile applications where Ocify provides its services, consisting of the domain name www.ocify.co and the sub-domains connected to this domain name.

“User”: Every natural or legal person accessing the “Portal”.

“Account Holder”: “User” who opens an account on the “Portal” and benefits from the services offered within the “Portal” within the specified conditions.

“Account Agreement Owner”: “User” who creates an account on the “Portal” and benefits from the services provided within the “Portal” without any professional or commercial purpose, within the specified conditions.

“Account agreement” (“Account”): It is the status gained with the notification made by “Ocify” after the “User” who wants to create an “Account” fills the Account Agreement Form in the “Portal” completely with correct and real information. It is not possible to have the right and authority to become the “Account Agreement Owner” before the account transactions are completed. The rights and obligations of the “Account Agreement Holder” are those rights and obligations that belong to the applicant and cannot be partially or wholly transferred to any third party. Account Creation application may be rejected by “Ocify” without any reason or additional terms and conditions may be requested. If “Ocify” deems it necessary, it may close the account of the “Account Agreement Holder”, and may not accept the account opening request of the person whose account has been closed for any reason.

"Account Agreement": Consisting of the terms and conditions and annexes in the "Portal", concluded electronically as a result of the user's electronic confirmation that he understands and accepts the "Account Agreement", the annexes which are inseparable parts and the condition in the "Portal" and electronic contract, which is a whole with rules.

“Ocify” Account”: The “Account Holder” can perform the necessary business and transactions to benefit from the services offered in the “Portal”, make a request to “Ocify” regarding the “Account”, update the “account information and view the reports on the services provided, the entirety of the "Account Holder" specific web pages accessed through the "Portal" with the "username" and "password" that he determines and undertakes to be used exclusively by him.

“Ocify” Services” (“Services”): Applications offered by “Ocify” in order to enable the “Account Holder” within the “Portal” to perform the business and transactions defined in this “Account Agreement”. ""Ocify" may make changes and/or adaptations to the "Services" offered in the "Portal" at any time. The rules and conditions that the "Account Holder" is obliged to comply with regarding the changes and/or adaptations are transferred from the "Portal" to the "Account Holder". announced, the announced terms and conditions come into force on the date they are published on the “Portal”.

“Content”: Any information, text, file, picture, video, figure, etc. published on the “Portal” and accessible. visual, written and auditory images.

“Ocify” Interface”: Used by “Users” in order to view the content created by “Ocify” and “Account Holder” by “Users” and to query them from “Ocify” Database; protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and These are the web pages and mobile application screens/pages that give commands to the computer program to perform all kinds of operations that can be done through the "Portal" within the designs, all intellectual rights of which belong to "Ocify".

3. Subject and Scope of the “Account Agreement”

The subject of this “Account Agreement” is the determination of the “Services” offered on the “Portal”, the terms of benefiting from these “Services” and the rights and obligations of the parties. All warnings, notifications, applications and explanations made by “Ocify” regarding the usage, account and “Services” in the “Account Agreement” and its annexes and “Portal” are within the scope. By accepting the terms of this "Account Agreement", the "User" accepts and undertakes to act in accordance with all kinds of statements made by "Ocify" regarding the use, account holder and services in the "Portal".

4. Account Terms

4.1 In order to become an “Account Holder” on the “Portal”, it is necessary to be of age and the account must not be temporarily suspended or closed by “Ocify” within the scope of this “Account Agreement”.

4.2 “Ocify” may at any time without justification, without notice, compensation, penalty, etc. may terminate this “Account Agreement” unilaterally, with immediate effect without any other obligation

It may close or temporarily suspend the account of the "Owner". Violation of the rules specified in the "Portal", cases where the "Account Holder" poses a risk to the "Ocify" information security system are the cases of closing the account or temporarily suspending the account.

5. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

5.1Rights and Obligations of the "Account Holder"

5.1.1 The “Account Holder” accepts and undertakes that it will act in accordance with the rules, statements, all applicable legislation and moral rules specified in the “Portal”, that it understands and approves the provisions of the “Account Agreement” and all terms and rules in the “Portal”.

5.1.2 "Account Holder" is authorized to disclose confidential/private/personal data-private personal data/commercial information of the "Account Holder" to official authorities in cases where "Ocify" is obliged to make a statement to official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, for this reason, it accepts and undertakes that it will not demand any compensation from “Ocify” under any name. Apart from that, “Account Holder” may submit to “Ocify” with the allegation that the rights of any person or institution have been violated in relation to the advertisements given on the “Portal”. If he/she makes a notification and declares that he/she will take legal action, “Ocify” may give the name-surname information given to him by the “Account Holder” to the related party.

5.1.3. It is the responsibility of the "Account Holder" to ensure the security of the "username" and "password" used to login to the "Ocify Account", and must use the "username" and "password" exclusively and individually, and keep it from third parties. The “Account Holder” is responsible for any material and/or moral damages incurred or to be incurred by the other “Account Holder” and/or “Ocify” and/or third parties due to their negligence or faults.

5.1.4. The "Account Holder" accepts that the information and content provided by him within the "Portal" are correct and in compliance with the law, that the publication of such information and content on the "Portal" or the sale and display of products related to these contents does not create any illegality against the current legislation, and “Ocify” is not liable and responsible for investigating the accuracy of the information and content transmitted by the “Account Holder” to “Ocify” or uploaded by the “Account Holder” through the “Portal”, and it is not responsible for the inaccuracy or publication of such information and content. cannot be held responsible for any damage caused.

5.1.5. "Account Holder" cannot transfer this "Account Agreement" or its rights and obligations under this "Account Agreement" to any third party, in whole or in part, without the written consent of "Ocify".

5.1.6. The “Account Holder” may transact on the “Portal” for lawful purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility of the "Account Holder" in every transaction and action performed within the "Portal" belongs to him. Pictures, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, in the "Portal", which may constitute an infringement on the real or personal rights, property, personal data of "Account Holder", "Ocify" and/or another third party, will not reproduce, copy, distribute, process, transfer to another database or upload to the "Portal" in a way that may produce such results; will not engage in any commercial activity by carrying out such actions; It accepts and undertakes that it will not directly and/or indirectly engage in acts and transactions that constitute unfair competition, either through these actions or by other means. “Ocify” cannot be held directly and/or indirectly responsible for any damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties due to the activities on the “Portal” performed by the “Account Holder” in violation of the provisions of this “Account Agreement” and the law.

5.1.7. “Ocify” allows the “Account Holder” to view the advertisements and use the “Ocify” Interface only for the purpose of learning the contents of the relevant advertisements, and to try to reach the advertisements for a certain number or all of them through the database for any other purpose, partially or completely copying them, publishing them directly or indirectly in other media, compiling, processing, transferring them to other databases, making them accessible to third parties from this database, linking to the advertisements on "Ocify", the processing of similar acts by "Ocify". is not allowed and consent is not given. Such acts are against the law; Necessary claims, lawsuits and follow-up rights of “Ocify” are reserved.

5.1.8. The “Account Holder” states that “Ocify” does not have any responsibility for the defects in the goods and services it receives from third parties, that the addressee of any request and responsibility within the scope of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and other relevant legislation.

It accepts and undertakes that it belongs to the text seller and that it releases “Ocify” from all responsibilities and obligations regarding them.

5.1.9. In case the “Account Holder” changes the information provided during the Account creation phase; is obliged to notify “Ocify” of new and updated information without delay. In case of failure to notify, "Ocify" reserves the right to recourse to the "Account Holder" for all direct and indirect damages.

5.1.10. Any actions by the "Account Holder" that may threaten the security of the "Portal" or "Ocify" systems and/or harm other users, prevent the operation of the "Portal" and other software belonging to the "Portal", or prevent other users from benefiting from the "Portal". attempting to impose these results, placing a disproportionate load on the system or the "Portal"; Accessing the source codes of the "Portal" or "Ocify" systems in an unauthorized way, copying, deleting, changing or trying to do so, using or trying to use software that will prevent the "Portal" from working, or any kind of software, hardware and It is strictly forbidden to disrupt the operation of the servers, cause them to break down, reverse engineer, organize attacks, engage or interfere with them in any other way, and attempt to gain access to "Ocify" servers.

5.2. Rights and Obligations of “Ocify”

5.2.1. "Ocify" reserves the right to change the services and content offered on the "Portal" at any time, to close and delete the information and content uploaded by the "Account Holder" to the access of third parties, including "Portal" users. “Ocify” can use this right without any notice or prior notice. "Account Holder" has to promptly implement changes and/or corrections requested by "Ocify". If deemed necessary, "Ocify" may make changes and/or corrections. Changes and/or corrections requested by "Ocify" are requested by users. The damages, legal and penal responsibilities that arise or may arise due to failure to fulfill them on time belong entirely to the users.

5.2.2. Through the "Portal", links to other websites and/or portals, files or content owned and operated by "Sellers", providers and other third parties may be provided. These links may be provided by the "Account Holder" or by "Ocify" for ease of reference only. However, it is not intended to support the website to which the link is directed or the person who operates it or the information it contains, or to verify or guarantee in any respect. Portals accessed through the links on the "Portal" “Ocify” has no responsibility for the websites, files and content, the services or products offered from the portals or websites accessed through these links, or their content.

5.2.3. “Ocify” can remove messages and content that are contrary to the operation of the "Portal", the law, the legislation, the rights of others, the terms of the "Account Agreement", the protection of personal data, the general moral rules, from access at any time and in any way; “Ocify” may terminate the account of the “Account Holder” who entered this message and content without any notification. “Ocify” may impose additional obligations on the “Account Holder” depending on the changes in the legislation, the said obligations come into force on the date they are published on the “Portal”.

5.2.4. “Ocify”, “Ocify” employees and managers have no obligation to investigate and check whether the content provided by the “Account Holder” and “User” on the “Portal” is in compliance with the law, its authenticity and accuracy.

5.2.5.“ Ocify” operates as a “Location Provider” within the scope of “Law No. 5651 on “Regulation of Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts”. does not guarantee. “Ocify” means infringement of intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the accuracy of the advertisement content; It does not make any statements or commitments in connection with the use of the "Portal". "Ocify" also does not take any responsibility for the late delivery, interruption or provision of the services under the Contract for any reason, including but not limited to maintenance, repair works, technical malfunctions.

5.2.6. “Ocify” Portal and “Services”; It provides "As Is" and does not make any claims or commitments that the "Portal" and "Services" are error-free, flawless, uninterrupted, perfect or that they will meet the specific needs of the "Account Holder". "Ocify" may make all kinds of changes, updates and similar works on the "Portal" and may not use the "Portal" as long as the "Account Holder" continues to use the Portal and the "Services".

And "Services" as used ("As Is"). "Ocify" :

(i) "Account Holder"'s use, failure to use, misuse of "Portal" and "Services" or failure of "Account Holder" to fulfill its commitments and obligations set forth in the "Account Agreement";

(ii) all hardware, system software/other software and network-related functionality and any resulting failures;

(iii) network, internet connection, connection errors;

(iv) Errors and malfunctions that may occur as a result of any changes, updates and similar works to be carried out on the "Portal";

(v) from voltage fluctuations, battery and power cuts, virus infection and similar factors;

(vi) operating system incompatibilities;

(vii) All kinds of loss of profit, loss of data, loss of business, loss of reputation, loss of expected savings, interruption of business, from direct or indirect damages arising from the emergence of incompatibilities or errors that prevent the "Account Holder" from using the "Portal" without being limited to those listed above. It is not responsible for any material, moral and financial damages, such as compensation claims that may be made by the "Account Holder" or a third party in this context.

5.2.7 It is determined that the information provided during the application of the "Account Holder" is not sufficient, accurate or up-to-date or misleading and malicious, the application of the person applying for the account has been rejected beforehand, complaints or negative comments are received about the "Account Holder" during the process of the account. and similar reasons; "Ocify" may terminate this agreement and close the account of the "Account Holder" without any notice or liability of any compensation. Before closing the account, "Ocify" may apply the measures it deems appropriate so that the necessary investigations can be made by the "Ocify" authorities. After the account is closed, temporarily suspended or the Agreement is terminated for any reason, "Ocify" has the exclusive authority to decide, at its own discretion, on the fate of the content or other shares shared by the "Account Holder" on the Portal.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1. “Ocify” may use the information about the “Account Holder” in the “Portal” within the scope of the Privacy Policy in ANNEX-2, which is an integral part of this “Account Agreement” and this “Account Agreement”. The owner can disclose or use the confidential information of the third parties only under the conditions specified in the Privacy Policy. The “Account Holder” declares, accepts and undertakes to log in as the Buyer and to share his/her phone number as the Buyer with the Seller in case he/she acts as the Buyer, in order to enable the messaging between the Seller and the Buyer regarding the advertisement.

6.2. “Ocify” includes information such as name-surname, telephone number, e-mail address requested at the stage of becoming an “Account Holder”, other than the purpose and scope determined by the “Account Agreement”; Subject to the conditions stipulated in the legislation in force and by obtaining additional approvals and express consents when necessary, via sms, e-mail, on-site notifications and similar methods, for promotional and informative communication activities, research, marketing activities and statistical analyzes or, when necessary, "Account Holder ” can be used to contact. Again, subject to the conditions stipulated in the legislation in force, and by obtaining additional approvals and express consent when necessary, personal data may also be transferred to companies in cooperation with "Ocify" in order to conduct research to improve Ocify.co's processes, to create a database and to conduct market research, can be processed and used by these companies.

6.3. The data of the "Account Holder", which may constitute personal data and which are entered into the Portal by "Ocify", are collected and processed by "Ocify" within the scope of the "Account Agreement", for the use of the functions of the "Portal", the provision of services and content and the above-mentioned purposes. For detailed information on the Protection of Personal Data, visit https://www.ocify.co/privacy-p... page.“Ocify” can make changes in the Personal Data Protection Policy and the policies, procedures, contract clauses and terms of use regarding other personal data at any time. Changes come into effect as soon as they are published on the “Portal.” The “Account Holder” is obliged to follow these changes and cannot make any claims or claims of damages from “Ocify” regarding these changes.

6.4. ”Account Holder” means the information accessed within the “Portal”; It is obliged to use this information in accordance with the purposes disclosed by the "Account Holder" or "Ocify", who disclosed this information, and is responsible for the protection, processing, transfer and all obligations under the KVKK of the Personal Data of the Users or third parties it obtains.

It accepts, declares and undertakes that 'Ocify' is responsible for any personal data other than the mandatory personal data it collects for the use of the website on its own systems, and that it has no liability or responsibility under the PDPL. “Account Holder”; “Ocify” as a result of the decisions made by the Personal Data Protection Board or administrative authorities or courts regarding personal data, in case it acts in violation of the obligation to protect personal data or processes, transfers or otherwise processes personal data and this use creates a violation. It accepts, declares and undertakes that if .

6.5. “Account Holder” means that in case of a natural person residing in the European Union, the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and its secondary regulations and the decisions and regulations of the Personal Data Protection Board will be applied regarding his personal data, in all legal problems that may arise, regardless of the conflict of laws rules of Turkish domestic law. request that the European Union Directive 95/46/EC and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in the European Union in May 2018, will not be applied, and that the conflict of laws rules of the Turkish International Private and Procedural Law accepts, declares and undertakes that he waives from

6.6. "Ocify" does not have any involvement or contribution in cases such as the recording, processing, and removal of personal data made public due to the "Account Holder", "Ocify" account and/or advertisements by Google or other search engines or similar data indexing systems. and other search engines, particularly Google, which has the title of data controller in the processes related to indexing or search systems, indexing systems, the data controller accepts, declares and undertakes to direct it to real and/or legal persons.

6.7. The “Account Holder” accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not disclose sensitive personal data while posting or using the “Ocify” Portal, and that if it discloses, “Ocify” has no responsibility for the processing of this data.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

“Ocify” can update and change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time by publishing it on the Portal. Updates and changes made by "Ocify" in the Privacy Policy will be valid from the date of their publication on the Portal.

The User undertakes that the information subject to this Privacy Policy is complete, accurate and up-to-date, and that if there is any change in this information, he will immediately update them at https://www.ocify.co/profile. "Ocify" will not have any responsibility if the User has not provided up-to-date information.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

The information accessed within the “Portal” or provided by users in accordance with the law and all of this “Portal” (but not limited to “Ocify” Database”, ““Ocify” Interface”, design, text, image, html code and other codes) (collectively referred to as "Ocify's copyrighted works") belong to "Ocify" and/or are licensed by "Ocify" from a third party "Account Holder", "Ocify" services, "Ocify" information and "Ocify". They do not have the right to sell, process, share, distribute, exhibit, or allow anyone else to access or use the services of Ocify, which are subject to the intellectual property and copyright of Ocify. Except as expressly permitted by "Ocify" within these "Portal Terms of Use", it cannot reproduce, process, distribute or make derivative works of "Ocify"'s copyrighted works. With the conclusion of this “Account Agreement”, “Ocify” establishes a non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use (simple license) to the “Account Holder” regarding the limited use of “Ocify”, “Portal” within the framework of the “Account Agreement” conditions and for the purpose of benefiting from the “Services”. is doing.

8. “Account Agreement” Changes

“Ocify” may, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, amend this “Account Agreement” at any time it deems appropriate by posting it on the “Portal”. The amended provisions of this "Account Agreement" will come into force on the date they are published on the "Portal", the remaining provisions will remain in effect and continue to have their provisions and consequences. This “Account Agreement” is concluded with the unilateral declarations of the “Account Holder”.

9. Force Majeure

In all cases that are legally considered force majeure, "Ocify" is not liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its acts specified in this "Account Agreement". These and similar cases shall not be deemed as delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default for "Ocify", or no compensation under any name can be claimed from "Ocify" for these cases. The term force majeure; including but not limited to natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system improvement or renewal works and malfunctions that may occur due to this, power outages and bad weather conditions, and beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party; and It will be interpreted as unavoidable events that "Ocify" cannot prevent despite taking due care.

10. Applicable Law and Authority

In case there is an element of foreignness in the implementation and interpretation of this "Account Agreement" and in the management of legal relations arising within this "Account Agreement", Turkish Domestic Law will be applied directly, excluding the Turkish conflict of laws rules. Ankara Beypazarı Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in the settlement of all kinds of disputes that arise or may arise due to this "Account Agreement".

11. Enforcement

The annexes referred to by this “Account Agreement” and “Account Agreement”, which are an integral part of the “Account Agreement”, and the rules and conditions included in the “Portal” have entered into force by being concluded electronically with the electronic approval of the "Account Holder". . The invalidity, illegality or non-applicability of any provision of the “Account Agreement” shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the agreement.

2. “Ocify” Secure Electronic Commerce Service

Secure Electronic Commerce Service; Providing the infrastructure that will enable the "Account Holder" with the title of "Buyer" or "Seller" in this contract to make an online agreement regarding purchase and sale by using the infrastructure of the "Portal", In the event that the debt borne by the parties is fulfilled in full and this situation is duly notified to “Ocify” by the parties within the conditions specified in this “Agreement”, the product price transferred by the "Buyer" to "Ocify's Secure Account" will be transferred to the "Seller"'s account. If the "Seller" does not perform its debt duly and this situation is notified to "Ocify" by the "Buyer" within the framework of the conditions specified in this "Contract"; the product price transferred by the "Buyer" to "Ocify"'s Secure Account" is in accordance with this contract. It is the system that ensures the return to the "Buyer" within the framework of the specified conditions, the details of which are explained in this contract and its annexes, which are an integral part, and in the "Portal".

The following provisions regulate the rights and obligations of the "Account Holder", which has the title of "Buyer" or "Seller" using the "Ocify" Secure Electronic Commerce Service, and the situation of "Ocify" against these rights and obligations.

2.1. Rights and Obligations of Buyers

2.1.1 "Buyer" in "Secure Electronic Commerce Service"; It makes the purchase request of the products and services belonging to the "Seller", whose advertisements are displayed on the "Portal", by using the infrastructure of the "Ocify" internet portal. The nature of the purchase request made by the "Buyer" over the "Portal" using the infrastructure of the "Ocify" internet portal, accepting all the conditions related to the sale of the goods and services specified in the advertisement, and the contract with the purchase request made by the "Seller". means established. "Buyer" agrees and undertakes to purchase the product and service related to this purchase request.

2.1.2 The "Buyer" shall be deemed to have accepted the sales conditions and procedures determined by the "Seller" with the purchase requests made by using the infrastructure of the "Ocify" internet portal through the Portal". Except for exceptional cases, the purchase made by the "Buyer" requests cannot be withdrawn or cancelled.

2.1.3 "Buyer" can perform his money debt only by transferring money to "Ocify"'s Secure Account for purchase requests made through "Portal" using the infrastructure of "Ocify"'s internet portal. In the event that 'Ocify' has no responsibility for the 'Secure Electronic Commerce Service' specified in this agreement, the rights and debts of the 'Buyer' and 'Seller' are not subject to the provisions of this agreement. “Ocify” may act with the contracted banks in the performance of the money debt and offer the "Buyer" ease of payment in installments. In this case, the conditions regarding the related installment payment are announced to the "Buyer" from the relevant section of the "Portal" during the payment by "Ocify". " if he decides to pay in installments, he also accepts the conditions specified in the relevant section of the "Portal".

2.1.4 "Buyer" will be sent to "Ocify"'s Secure Account" to be blocked until the process is completed, for the purpose of performing the payment part of the sales contract between him and the "Seller" within the conditions specified in this contract. After sending the shipping information, he will receive the product and notify over the "Ocify" Account for the transfer of the product price in the "Secure Account" to the "Seller" account or, if the "Seller" does not accept the product sent to him, he will return the product to the "Seller" and He agrees and undertakes that he will notify through the “Ocify” Account for the product price to be returned to him. , but will be sent back to the "Buyer"'s account if the "Seller" notifies through the "Ocify" Account that the product has been returned. In case of approval as specified in the The consent given will not be revoked in any way, and in case of any dispute or similar that may arise after this process, "Ocify" will not be under any obligation, including providing the communication between the "Account Holder". If the "Buyer" does not fulfill the obligations stated above, "Ocify" will be deemed to have accepted the product sent to him by the "Seller" and for the transfer of the product price in the "Ocify" Secure Account to the "Seller" without any warning. It accepts and declares that it will be deemed to have made a notification through the "Ocify" Account.

2.1.5 Including whether the products and services offered for sale by the "Buyer", "Sellers" are defective, whether they are listed, whether they are prohibited products, their quality, originality, the accuracy and completeness of the written and/or visual explanations used in the promotion of the product. It accepts and declares that “Ocify” does not and does not have to know about any product or service-related issue, and it has no obligation to undertake or guarantee them.

2.1.6 The "Buyer" sends the "Ocify's Secure Account" for transfer to the "Seller" after deducting the service fee commission including VAT, and the "Buyer" agrees to the 2.1.4. After fulfilling the obligations set forth in the article "Seller" will be transferred to a bank account only within the borders of Turkey and will be transferred to a bank account within the borders of "Ocify". "Ocify" accepts and declares that it does not take any action or disposition on its behalf.

2.2. Rights and Obligations of Sellers

2.2.1 The "Seller" has the absolute right and authority to dispose of the products and services offered for sale without any contention; accepts and undertakes that there is no legal or de facto obstacle to the sale of the aforementioned products and services. The "Seller" does not contradict the rules regarding the use of the "Portal" and the services offered on the "Portal" and the terms of the account, as determined by the provisions of this contract or specified in the relevant parts of the "Portal", including the sale of the products and services offered for sale, including the products whose advertisement is prohibited. and accepts and undertakes that it complies with all applicable legislation. The "Seller" accepts that all legal responsibility for the products and services offered for sale belongs to him.

2.2.2 The "Seller" accepts and undertakes that he will sell the product and service in question to the "Buyer" who requests the purchase of the product and service offered for sale, as stated in the announcement.

2.2.3 "Seller", "Buyer" will sell the product and/or service to "Buyer" if "Buyer" sends money to "Ocify's Secure Account" and that they have agreed to deliver the product and/or service with "Buyer" and this is an integral part of this contract. It accepts and undertakes that it will perform fully and completely in accordance with the processes and periods specified in ANNEX-1, which is part of it.

2.2.4 "Seller" means any and all kinds of acts that may arise due to the fact that the products or services offered for sale and specified in its announcement are prohibited products, and that any act regarding the production, reproduction, sale, distribution or sale of the product or service is contrary to any applicable regulation. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it is responsible for legal, commercial and administrative demands, and that it has an obligation to defend "Ocify" before all kinds of judicial, commercial and administrative authorities against the requests made to "Ocify".

2.2.5 "Seller" means clause 2.2.2 of this contract. "Buyer" and "Sell" are transferred to "Ocify's Secure Account" managed by "Ocify".

"Buyer" accepts and declares that the product or service will be forwarded by the "Buyer" to be blocked until the physical delivery of the product or service by the "Seller" and its acceptance by the "Buyer" is completed. , "Ocify" may notify "Ocify" to transfer the product price in the "Secure Account" to the "Seller"'s account, or he may not accept the product or service sent to him by the "Seller" and return the product or service to the "Seller", the price of the product or service itself. agrees and undertakes that it may notify “Ocify” for its return. "Seller" shall assume that "Buyer" has accepted the product and service sent by "Seller" to "Buyer" by "Ocify" and "Ocify" in "Ocify"'s Secure Account in case the "Buyer" fails to fulfill its obligations stated above. The "Buyer" accepts and declares that it will be deemed to have been notified to "Ocify" in order to transmit the product price of the product in question to the "Seller" without the need for any warning. "Seller" accepts the transactions specified in this article to the GET processes, within the "Portal" the relevant accepts, declares and undertakes that it will fulfill it in accordance with the explanations and times.

2.2.6 The "Seller" shall send and ensure the delivery of the product or service against the "Buyer" in a timely manner, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the sale, and free of defects, pursuant to this contract; accepts that the sale of the product or service to the "Buyer", the transfer of ownership and related rights and the liabilities belong solely to him. The ”Seller” will fulfill the shipping and delivery obligation specified in this article through the cargo companies approved by “Ocify”, that he will enter the information about the shipment into the “Portal” through the “Ocify” Account, if he makes a shipment or delivery without fulfilling these obligations, “ The Buyer accepts, declares and undertakes that the amount sent to "Ocify"'s Secure Account will not be forwarded to him and will be returned to the "Buyer".

2.2.7 After the "Seller" deducts the commission for the service fee, including VAT, of the sales price sent to "Ocify"'s Secure Account by the "Buyer" for transfer to him, and after the "Buyer" fulfills its obligations set forth in article 2.1.4 of this contract. In this process, on the money of the "Buyer" and/or "Seller" in the "Ocify's Secure Account", on behalf of "Ocify", on behalf of "Ocify". accepts and declares that he has not made any transactions or savings.